Relaxation Massage:

uses light to moderate pressure and variety of techniques specifically designed to relax the muscles.

Beatiful relax and break


30min  –  $55

45min  –  $70

60min – $85

90min  –  $110


Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage:

manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. Includes deep tissue, cupping and trigger point therapy.




30min  –  $55

45min  –  $70

60min  –  $85

90min  –  $110


 Pregnancy Massage:

therapy specifically tailored for the expectant mother’s needs. It is also called pre-natal massage




30min  –  $55

45min  –  $70

60min  –  $85

90min  –  $110


Aromatherapy Massage:

uses variety of essential oils such as lavender for relaxation; ginger for circulation, or peppermint for tension in shoulders or neck.

Natural soap

30min  –  $60

45min  –  $75

60min  –  $90

90min  –  $115


Hot Stone Massage:

combines the benefits of or thermotherapy, the use of heat applications, with the strokes of massage using stones to create a deep, relaxing and healing treatment.




60min  –  $100

90min  –  $120


Healing Mineral Salt Stone Massage:

Mineral salt stones are lightly heated and gently moved over the body with varying pressure combined with therapist hand strokes and massage techniques. The contrast of mineral absorption and warm gentle pressure relaxes the muscles and nourishes the body. Your skin will feel smooth and soft after your massage session.



60min  –  $100

90min  –  $120


Heated Bamboo Massage:

Heated Bamboo Massage is unique modality that provides both a relaxation and deep tissue treatment. Larger bamboo canes are used for a Swedish massage technique, and shorter canes are used to direct deeper pressure. The bamboo tools are heated to relax the muscles. They are used as extensions of the therapist’s hands to target specific muscle or muscle groups.



60min  –  $100

90min  –  $120


Indie Head Massage:

is a form of relaxation massage  that focuses on massaging the scalp, head, neck, shoulders, face, and upper arms. Warm oil is applied to the head towards the end of the treatment. Your hair will be oily after this type of massage treatment.


Woman getting  facial massage .


45 min – $ 75


                        All prices are tax included / (Accepting Cash / Debit / Credit)



                                                          Client Loyalty Rewards

                                             Book 4 massages get 50% off for your next 1h massage .









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