Peace & Balance is a home based practice, located in the beautiful West Brant Area.

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Valerija List, RMT/Owner

2015 Valerija graduated with honors from Massage Therapy Program at the Mohawk College and became RMT shortly after.  She is a member in good standing with CMTO, RMTAO.
Through the years of education Valerija have learned hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and pathophysiology. During her studying Valerija participated in various sports events, hospitals, and palliative care facilities.
Human Anatomy, Healthy lifestyle and Wellness has been her passion for many years. That was the key factors why Valerija decided to become a massage therapist. Her focus is to help people with their physical and mental concerns and respect each of the client’s individual needs.
Valerija includes a variety of techniques in her treatments such as, deep tissue, trigger point, facial release, cupping, joint mobilizations, frictions, PNF stretch, general Swedish massage, Indie Head massage, and Hot Stone massage.
Valerija has an European background and can speak English, German, Russian, Lithuanian, and some Polish.


“I am looking forward to meeting you…” 

   “Heal the body, Relax your mind”

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